Waiting is Better

Waiting is better than hoping.

That means that it is better to take the time to learn the game and develop a system (waiting) than just jumping in the game and spending a lot of money on numbers - hoping to get a hit.

Being patient and taking the time to study the game and develop a workable system is an absolute requirement to master Pick 3.

Those who are impatient and just want to jump in and play any number that comes to mind will find themselves out of luck and out of money really fast.

Pick 3 is a harsh game. It punishes immaturity, impulsiveness, lack of knowledge, and impatience.

On the other hand it rewards maturity, thoughtfulness, knowledge, and patience.

It takes time to gain the necessary knowledge and experience needed to win. It also requires self-discipline and maturity. It is not necessarily easy - but it is 100x better than hoping to win.

Hoping is passive.

Waiting is active....at least my version of it.

Waiting as I am describing it here is an active endeavor because you are just not sitting on your ass; you are DOING something. What you are doing is studying the game and actively working on creating a system that will help you win.

That system may not be your own; it can be somebody else’s but in an way it becomes your own when you back test it and you prove to yourself that it works to your satisfaction.

However, all of this back testing and studying won’t happen overnight.

It can take you 3 months, 6 months, or even a year to have enough confidence in a system to put money on it.

That may not sound too sexy; but that is better than blowing hundreds of dollars on numbers where you are totally dependent on luck to win.

This long term approach is better than just hoping to win.

So be smart. Take the time to learn the game and create a system that works for you or to back test somebody else’s system until you are confident it will help you win.

This conservative approach may not sound very exciting but it will make you a winner in the long term.

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