Wait and See

***Wait and See to WIN***

I am always getting emails from people asking me to validate a prediction they have based on the RB and index or on a particular system they use.

“Do you think this number will hit?” is the usual question I get.

They get all excited and may even put money on that number – sometimes a lot of money.

Let me tell you something I have learned the hard way; the only way to adequately answer these questions is to WAIT and see what hits.

It is very easy to see patterns on paper.

It is very easy to see connections between the digits.

It is very easy to “discover” hidden patterns in the numbers.

But please remember this: the numbers that actually hit are the real indicators of whether you have found a real pattern or workable system. The numbers that actually hit are the real proof of whether you have discovered a real hidden trend or not.

So next time you get all excited about finding a brand new system or discovering a hidden pattern within the numbers – WAIT. Relax. Don’t get too excited.

Write down on paper what your new discover tells you should be hitting next and adopt a wait and see attitude.

What you will find most of the time is that your new theory that you were quite sure would make you rich turns out to be just that; a theory.

The ultimate proof that you have a real legitimate system in your hand is not what you see on paper; it’s what numbers actually end up hitting in your state.

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