Two Principles From The Grid

Some people will find the Grid too complicated.

I can understand that.

However, what I want you to get out of this system are two principles:

1. You need a system that has all 10 digits to use as a reference point so you can identify the numbers that are hitting.

2.You want to use that system to identify the next two hits.

The second principle goes against the trend. I say that because most systems are based on identifying the very next hit.

However, when you do that you are locking yourself into a corner; if that number or set of numbers does not hit on the very next draw, you lose. However, when you give yourself two opportunities to hit, you increase your chances of getting a hit. You can even expand this to the next three or four hits - but two is a good start for now.

This does not mean that you will win every time if you are looking for a hit in the next two drawings, it just means that you will win MORE frequently.