Below are testimonials from people I have coached or have had success using my systems. You will find most of them posting at lotterypost.com. I have included their lottery post (LP) screen name under their testimonial. My screen name on LP is aanewyork.

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I have won more money by hitting more straights than I have ever won thanks to the tools you provided us with. I tried a lot of systems on LP and this is by far the best!!!!! Nothing else even comes close. I have never seen a system like this that produces so many wins !!!! I thank you very much for sharing it with us. Many blessings to you for what you have done for all LP members.


AanewYork, thanks again for a great system, and I agree with others, that you are a great teacher!!!!!

LP Screenname: topazz28

Aanewyork Your Straight System for pick 3 is far the best I ever seen I realley like the way you take your time to explain the ins an outs of the system

I must give credit were credit is due so heres a big Thanks to you.

You are "The Pick 3 Specialist" in my book and Im quite sure Im not the only One Here who Thinks so Thanks.

LP Screenname: titto1

hey now aanewyork, i read ur entire thread. it is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay cool and ez to work with. i back tested mo, il, tn & oh. i'd call this one,~a true numba's game~ outstandin' work!

LP Screenname: ducksafloat

Great thx! I am starting my notebook. I see patterns already I am going to learn this system! Thx so much for all your help!


I would like to take the time to thank aanewyork for all of his help. He has been a great help and my first win with this system is above. It is a $250.00 win and I only spent .50 cents. I probably wouldn't have played that number exact without using this system so again I say thanks aanewyork. I am studying and absorbing all the information so that I can have bigger wins more frequently down the road... Thanks again!

LP Screenname: foxy lady

Using several Pick 4 and Pick 3 systems for 2010, I had one box hit in Pick 4, and one straight hit in Pick 3. Using aanewyork's system on LotteryPost.com for one week, I have a box hit in Pick 4, and a box hit in Pick 3. I am signing up to be coached by aanewyork as soon as possible, and recommend his systems very highly.

Pete/hennybogan of LP

As a novice lottery player I feel Anthony has given me a very informative and logical understanding of the Pick 3/4 games. The knowledge and skill I have learned from Anthony has enabled me to better understand what to look for in the daily draws of the lottery games. I will continue to use his methods as long as I play the lottery.

Thank You Anthony

Mac (aka PlanB)

I have been a student of aanynewyork and he is awesome. He has put a lot of time and thought into his system and he provides extra systems. Be sure to sign up with him before he runs out of space to take students! Cheers to you Anthony!



LP Screenname: kdnichols

I wanted to first thank aanewyork for the tremendous info that he has put out for all of us to work with on this board. But before I do that I really wanted to comment on what an amazing process this is to watch. We are ALL watching and participating in the creation and evolution of a rather powerful system (or at least the key components therein). Its really very interesting to watch as the mastermind (aanewyork) continuously offers his observations and answers questions and the entire community of LP (to the tune of 65 pages and counting) are offering input and questions that turn into new ideas and new ways of looking at things.....It occurs to me that aanewyork has come p with an ORGANIZED way of putting together tremendous amounts of powerful information in a way that is HELPFUL in picking your numbers on a daily basis. Most of what I have seen thus far is fairly intuitive, but the way in which it is compiled and the way in which you put it on paper and into these boxes is so simple/elegant.....but brilliant in in its simplicity and usefulness/ease of use. I have looked at so much raw data on some days that it makes my head spin, this approach allows you to work with the raw data, compile it yourself and achieve a better "feel" for the way numbers are running (or at least it has for me.) Thentake that info and based upon current trends in your state, pick numbers. So if you know that on the 5th drawing after the number 2 has shown up x consecutive times the mirror 7 shows up....or that after 2 or 3 days of no numbers on the high end it almost always runs a double in the high side, or a high number participates in a double......or whatever (note: these examples are not real, they are fictitious, I am simply making a point), you will be aware of it because you are working with the numbers and coming to understand how things tend to work in your state. One of my pet peeves is when someone gives numbers with no explanation.....just magically, they deem 731 as the "number of the day in ALL states". Well I need to understand where this little nugget of brilliance came from when 731 shows up in 75% or more of the lotteries' today.....Wouldn't you like to know? This system allows YOU to build it from the ground up, this thread has allowed me to tweak the information I've garnered, and its been tremendously effective. Yes. I've hit since starting.....and I expect to continue to do so, because I can massage this as things change and trends evolve.

The thing is, this doesnt amount to a hill of beans without a driving force....and I''m not here to do a commercial for anyone.....but this aanewyork deserves a tip of the hat *tip* and a "thank-you" for his work. I had a couple questions about things I have noticed and received a prompt response from him....including a conversation by phone. And yah....in the emails I now get from him on a regular basis he mentions that he is available....but also in nearly every email is some more info that helps ME understand how things ARE working or MAY work in the future. The guy seems to know whats he's talking about and seems as passionate about numbers as I am.....and he has the curiosity of a kid when it comes to this subject, and we bounced ideas around and I had a great time discussing how Ohio has been vexing me as of late.....he had some helpful ideas andI'd like to think maybe I planted an idea or 2 in (what appears to be) a number filled head. So thank you aa for the time and effort here, and thanks to all of LP who make this community so extraordinarily helpful in trying to make a few bucks, have some fun and better understand how ping pongballs with numbers on them truly seem to have a mind of their own!! 15 years ago all of this info wasn't so easily accesible....it would be interesting to see if hit rates have gone up in the last 15 years....and it would be fascinating to see if hit rates amongst LP members are higher/lower or the same as the population in general. aa....A new project? j/k ;)


LP Screenname: meeeeetooo

My backtesting of aanewyork's systems produced nice results for my state. This proved to me how effective his systems perform.

LP Screenname: Harve$t Moon

Hi Anthony,

I would like to Express My Deepest Appreciation to you for Sharing all your Valuable Systems and Related Information for which you have Dedicated so much Hard Work & so many Hours, Days & Weeks and Continue to do so.

You are so very Generous and you have Contributed so much to so Many People, and Everyone should be so Very Grateful to You.

LP Screenname: js1237

I have been being coached by Anthony going on two weeks now and have now gotten a good grasp of his system. The numbers are starting to jump out at me as I have learned how to incorporate all his strategies. He has been very good at breaking down his concepts and will take the time for you to completely understand. No question is too small. I have found the most useful aspect of his coaching is that you get to have real time conversation so if you aren’t grasping right away he will put it in a way you can understand. His excitement is very motivating! He is always revising and improving his system and always adding new components to help see the entire picture. The thing that has helped me the most is the daily journal where I can go back over my predictions and learn from what I thought and what really happened. This is money well spent…I would do it again! Thanks Anthony…Joyce

LP Screenname: jcmptn1

When I first started with the pick 3; I felt sometimes that I am in the Atlantic Ocean searching for a gold coin and drowning everyday.

I went for the option to be coach by AANewYork. His coaching techniques and tools are very well organized and comprehensive. They are specifically designed to meet the demands of predicting the Pick 3.

I find his coaching very valuable. He gives a very structured approach to many of the essential issues pertaining to his system.

I have come back with better way of organizing the vast information in the Pick 3, with data and formulas in order to get a winning number.

I would like to recommend AANewYork coaching to anyone who wants to improve the chancing of winning.

Thank you AANewYork

LP Screenname: Paradisenow at Lotterypost.

Just a note to say thank you to Anthony, (aaNEWYORK) . I have struggled with learning how to play the pick 3 lottery for so long. Always just getting close, spending quite a bit of money,

Then I found Anthony on Lotterypost. He came up with some awesome systems for pick 3. and he gave them to us for free, I learned how to make Reference Cards, Game Index Cards,The RUNDOWN,(Pairs system),and started making Hits About every day, I now have 20 Ref. Cards Starting from Jan. 29 2011 to march 3 2011, I Have them on index cards, and put on my computer Cab. doors. all lined up, It's amazing , you just watch the numbers that are Drawn everyday, just climb up those cards, and coin side with the present card of the day. Then just today, Anthony put on the Lottery post forum about About a Due Double or its Mirror # will hit shortly after it shows up on the RB's . I had 224 on my card and 442 was drawn in Ark. today. he just keeps helping us. For Free . Anthony has some great systems, , No, "AWESOME" systems. .and he will take the time to teach you .It's amazing , I see the numbers , right before, and they are drawn almost every day thanks again Anthony From Larry Hartman

LP Screenname: plunger2

Excellent Work..Born teacher. Broken down some complex theories smoothly. The Game index is my favorite because it lends focus. Thanks again your brilliant talent.

LP Screenname: Blackapple






Ditto what Trix3 said. I have been working with AA for about a week and he is a very good teacher and will break things down as much as you need. It is a very good investment. Now you do have to studying to be able to grasp what is being taught. But it's all there for sure...Money WELL spent!! joyce

LP Screenname: jcmptn1

I just wanted to take some time out and thank the pick3 god (aanewyork) i have been coaching with him for a few days now and this man is the truth.i have been studying with him,and he makes you see the bigg picture.i also have stopping playing for a few days to soak up what i have learned from him.im be honest with you guys/gals the coaching is well worth what he's asking,and thats just a small investment.i plan on coaching till i get eveything down pack,knowledge is power.i tell aa im the young jedi,and he's obi one.

hes a great teacher of this game,and he's always on point with his stuff.i honestly can say i love being on the phone with him,because he gives me great postive energy,and takes you by the hand,step by step.he is a great person,and very positive.he is also streight up and never messes around.he's serious about his stuff.well (aa) heres to you my jedi master,just wanted to say your the best at what you do,and have a great karma.i know i will be hitting bigg real soon with your direction and knowledge.have a great day my brother Trix3 aka craig.

LP Screenname: Trix3

From the time I met Anthony and using is systems with mines had increase my winnings especially with straight hit. Not sure what is going on here but I have benefit so much more meeting him here on LP....


Evening aa, sending a big thanks for your help, opinions, help you've given to others and i'm sure will continue to give. Keep up the great work!!!! Greenfox

WTG aa I have been playing your system for a week, and finally hit today 537 for cali. It works. Thanks for being patient with me.


Thank you for going "above and beyond" explaining the PICK 3 game to me" . Your coaching help me to see things that I would have never seen when it comes to the Pick 3 game. So far I have had one hit and expect to have many more as I soak up the knowledge you have provided and practice! I paid for one hour of coaching but you made sure I understood what I was doing before the session was over. Thanks again for your patience, persistence and help!

a1agape or Nicole


You have no idea how much these examples will help us. I have been tracking the RBs in my state, and have found that boxes C,D,F,G,J,M, are the ones that hit the most over all for straight hits since Oct. However B,F,J, are the biggest hitters on the Sun. midday. You are absolutely right, you have to chart EVERY THING you can think of. Different boxes will hit on some days and drawings more so than others. You can see it, if you look carefully.

You're a great teacher. Keep the lessons coming.


Wow wish I would have seen the NC box before now I could have finally hit. I played 723....miss a win every day by one number off ! Thanx for posting Tarheel and a big thanx to u AANY for sharing your rb info!!


Hi newyork this is highercall. You are a genius. I understand you have some FIRE BURNING excel sheets or programs. I would love to test them here in Georgia. When you have time will you please put me on your mailing list and send me the excel sheets or the programs to use for killing the lottery.

thank you so much



Hi Anthony, how are you my name is Sylvia and my LP screen name is momoney. Your pairs have helped me out a whole lot. At least it helps to pay the bills. Thanks a million.

Hey Anthony my LP screen name is Megami. Thank so much for your hot tips. I think your just brilliant . Do you think you'll be trying any 4 and 6 balls soon?

Have a great day. Ziska Nassau Bahamas

You are right ... constant improvement IS the name of the game. Thank you for this updated sheet. It looks like the Index is producing hits in NY every 2-4 draws once its updated everyday. In between that most of the hits are coming from the RB (updated & the one that started the week). I will have to put CA's history in this file and see if it does as well ... will let you know.


Anthony's Pick 3 systems are amazing. And he is always improving them. He is the best!

LP username: NumberFairy

hi Anthony.

My name is Noor Khan and my LP screen name is norikmamun.. thank you for your wonderful works and I really appreciate your help, May God bless you...

My screen name is lotsoluck52 and I do thank you for all your hard work and the RB box is working like crazy in NC right now,just got to learn how to pick out the right numbers.

AA- I appreciate your continued postings of all the various data. Your sharing of this time-consuming research and analysis is very gracious. Best of luck with every draw. Thanks.

LP screen name: Long Odds

Yes, I just started and I hit 3x since using aanewyork's system. I do not play for a large amount, so i am ahead. This system is very good!

LP screen name:sootie1835

Thank you aanewyork for your instructions and advise on how to play your methods.

Played your method 12 draws Game Index straight last night 04-05-2011 and won $ 250.00 on 149 with a $ 4.00 bet here in Florida.

Thanks For Your Considerations.

Randy In Tampa Florida



I am a former new yorker who moved out to the west coast. I have always considered myself a great player of the pick 3 game. I am the best

player in the State of Washington. However I must tip my hat to you. Your methods are so simple, yet they get to the core of what it takes

to Win Big. Once the L.P members utilize your systems in conjuction with theirs they will report huge winnings. Your advice is spot on..waiting

until all systems point towards the hit is priceless. So I wanted to thank you for sharing your gift . I have only played on paper as I search for patterns in my

state. It may take a while, a month,6 months, a year ..But I am confident that my systems and using yours will bring me the largest payout in Washington

State. (The current is $100.00 on 111 str) I do not play everyday, I wait until it's time like your 901. Keep up the great work. Many blessings to you. Will let you know when I hit major.


I used your box system with the 20 day drawings Win4 from 4/6/11 back. On 4/8/11, I played 0818 boxed for $ .50 5xs = $1,000. The NY straight # was 1880. Thank You!