Record To Win!

What you record on your journal is dependent on your current system.

As your system improves, what you record in your journal will change.

I no longer keep track of things I used to track before because now I have better systems.

So as my systems improve in the future, I will change what I record.

This is a simple concept but I wanted to point it out so everybody is clear on this.

Another important point is this; an Excel spreadsheet program or any software program you use should be used with a journal. Most of the work here will be done by the spreadsheet or software so you will have less information to record…but do record the most important things you learn or any interesting patterns you discover.

It’s much better to have this on paper than trying to track it all in your head.

It’s amazing what interesting things you will find once the information is down on paper and you review it on a regular basis.

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