RB7: New System for STRAIGHT hits!

RB7 was the result of me noticing that when I expanded the Reference Box to include the top 7 digits in each position as opposed to just the top 4 I would usually get a straight hit within a few days. Sometimes the very next day. And sometimes the first digit will be one of the bottom four digits in the first position.

In the example below, the 20 drawings start from 4-14 for NY.

930 hit the very next day on 4-15 and it was on this expanded Reference Box: 9-3-0.

This straight hit started from the 6th digit down in the first position.

20 Numbers used: 958 575 945 512 175 445 538 884 452 670 356 378 827 019 813 543 229 809 694 833:








The RB7 definitely creates brand new opportunities for getting straight hits.

The key is tracking from which position the straight hits are starting from; then it’s a matter of playing all 49 numbers (7x7) or selecting your best 3, 4, or 5 digits to play from the 2nd and 3rd positions.

Also, this gives you a much more accurate way to evaluate which numbers to play in straight form.

It will also tell you how “strong” a number is.

Using the example above, 315 is stronger than 671 because in the case of 315 the 3 is in the 1st position, 1 is in the 2nd, and 5 is in the 3rd.

However, the 1 is not in the 3rd position in the box so 671 is not as strong as 315.

This is more of a research tool and something you use to evaluate how strong a number is. You definitely don’t want to be playing all 343 numbers (7x7x7)!

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