Use RB3 To Find The Key Digits

2 Hits On 489 Using RB3 ($300)

489 just hit New York about 30 minutes ago.

That is pretty amazing because it validates the brand new system I discovered last night to find key digits using RB3.

You will find the RB3 program on the p34sug website.

RB3 gives you the top 3 digits in each position for any number of drawings you put in. What I found out last night was that if you put in the last 8 drawings, the 3 digits in the 1st row and the top column are excellent key digits.

For example, the digits in positions 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 are great key digits in the RB3 box:

145 2XX 3XX

This is very important; The top 3 key digits are the digits in positions 1, 2, 3. If you only play the list of numbers that correspond to just these 3 digits you will usually get 1 or 2 hits the next day assuming only singles hit. Sometimes all 3 key digits will hit, meaning a win of $450. But a $150 or $300 win is still pretty good.

Let me now give you the best possible example that I can give you; the last 8 drawings that hit NY and comparing that with the 489 that just hit.

The last 8 drawings that hit NY starting from the 474 that hit last night are: 474, 332, 302, 780, 012, 405, 836, 882.

When you enter these results on the RB3 program, you get this:

Anthony's RB3 (Pick 3) MT13 w3.7

8 numbers used: 474 332 302 780 012 405 836 882

RB3: 3 0 2 4 3 0 8 8 4

Based on what I just said, the top 3 key digits here are 3, 4, and 8.

489 just hit.

That means that if you would have played the 108 numbers corresponding to these 3 key digits (36 X 3 = 108 numbers) you would have hit TWICE because key digits 4 and 8 are in 489. That is what I mean by overlapping hits; you are winning two or more times on the same number.

Here is the breakdown on the money invested and won:

Investment: $108.

Money Won: $300.

Profit: $192.

I am sure this strategy can be improved, but so far it looks great.

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