The Q System

The Q System is based on the Quick Predict software program you will find on the website.

A 2 week trial is just $20. Attached is my WORK Excel sheet; look on the first sheet called Q SYSTEM.

There you will see the results for the NY Pick 3 numbers.

First you need to find the Quick Predict programp inside the website.

Go to the index on the top left and go to the 2nd page; it’s on the right hand side in between the Pick 4 Quick Predict and the 10 draw Quick Predict:

Quick Predict X (Pick 4)

Quick Predict X (Pick 3)

Quick Predict X 10 Draw (Pick 3)

Once you are on the Quick Predict Program for Pick 3 click on “56 Draws/3 Numbers” which is on TOP on the lower right hand side.

Don’t worry about the 53 draws; many of these numbers hit way before 53 drawings; many times one of the 3 numbers will hit within a few days.

Let’s take the last result on the spreadsheet as an example which just hit NY: 757 (see the chart below).

What you do is put in THIS and the two numbers below it on the Quick Predict (QP) program: 757, 664, 497.

It will give you these 3 numbers: 421, 451, 401. That is why these 3 numbers are next to 757; they came from the 757, 664, and 497 when you put them on the QP program.

  • 757 421 451 401
  • 664 921 961 901
  • 497 923 913 963
  • 988 823 853 843
  • 115 683 653 623
  • 657 743 753 703
  • 915 234 214 204
  • Same thing with 664. When you put in 664, 497 and 988 on the QP program, it will give you 921, 961, and 901.

    To get the 3 numbers for 497 you put in 497, 988, and 115. These 3 numbers will give you 923, 913, and 963.

    So now you understand how I created the chart.

    By the way, 2 of the numbers on this chart already hit.

    The 127 from March 8 (136) hit as 172 on March 10.

    The 794 from March 4 (821) hit as 497 on March 13.

    Now what you want to do now is look for REPEATING Numbers.

    The most obvious one is 147: they are highlighted in blue.

    I would not be surprised if one these numbers hits STRAIGHT in NY in the next 7 days:

    714, 741, 174, 147, 471, 417

    The number generator chart was created by risstla by the way. His email is

    Another one I see repeating is 709 and I am sure there are more patterns and repeating PAIRS you can find here; I am just telling you the most obvious numbers that repeat.

    So you keep putting the last number that hit on top and fill in the 3 numbers next to it by using the 2 numbers below it.

    This system is brand new and I will have more to say about it in the next few weeks.

    Feel free to email me with your ideas and discoveries.

    Also, let me know if you get a hit in your state using this system.