Money Making Programs

There are many excellent Pick 3 and Pick 4 software programs online.

You can find many of them on the website.

I will now talk about some programs that I recommend you test out and see how they perform in your state.

ZID is an excellent program for getting straight hits. To find this program go up to the “Index” and then go to page 3. It’s on the lower left hand corner.

I suggest putting in 12 drawings and back testing it from the same day. For example, back test it from Saturday night and see if any numbers hit in the next 7 days (Sunday through Saturday). You can back test from different days of course. Just be consistent. I say that because I have noticed that back testing any system from different days of the week tend to give you different results.

One more thing; leave all the settings the same when you use ZID (Pos 1, Pos 2, CCH, CHH, etc). Use the default settings and just put in the last 12 drawings and see what numbers you get.

Another great program you should back test in your state is HOLMES. Again, keep all the settings the same and only change two: for “Selection Type” check the STRAIGHT box because that is what we want. Also want to change the “Combinations” to 20 numbers. I suggest experimenting with different inputs; inputting the last 3, 4, 5 or 12 numbers and see what you get.

The Down Under program for Pick 3 will give you the BEST set of followers of any system I have seen so far. BONUS Feature: the list of doubles is very short. Sometimes it will just give you just 4 or 5 numbers to play when you put in a double. For example, when I put in 233, it gives me these four numbers to play: 765 865 867 875.

NEW PROGRAMS: The H Matrix for Pick 3 and the C Matrix for Pick 3. These two programs look a lot like my Reference Box. You put in the last 3 drawings and it will give you a set a numbers to be played in straight form. Test this system out in your state and see if these numbers hit. These two systems actually work based on the quick back testing I did.

Money Making Secret Revealed

Here is a little secret that I would normally only teach my coaching clients but I will give it away for FREE right now.

Here it is: The Quick Predict X program for Pick 4 that gives you 8 numbers for 53 drawings can be a real money maker when used intelligently. The reason for this is that one of these 8 numbers will many times hit in a few DAYS in box form. You will NOT have to wait for 53 days, most of the time one the 8 numbers will hit right within 7 days. Back test in your state to verify this.

Here is how to back test this program; run it every day for 30 days in your state and see how many of those days you get a hit. Also figure out the average number of days that one of the 8 numbers will hit in your state. Once you know this, you can create a progressive wagering system that will help you make a profit every single time you get a hit.

I may create a system based on this program in the future but now you know my basic approach; figure out the average number of times I will get a hit in a single month and then create a progressive wagering system based on that.