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Getting a Lock on ONE Key Digit

I just found a brand new way to find the one key digit that is most likely to hit next.

With this system you use two systems: RB3-8 and the ABC system.

The three keys for today 4-9-0. I got these key digits using the RB3-8 program using the last 8 drawings, as you see below.

Anthony's RB3-8 (Pick 3)

8 numbers used: 919 045 357 242 489 486 714 904


4 1 4

9 4 9

0 8 2

NOTE: The keys are the first digits of 414, 949, 082: 4-9-0.

The number that hit last night was 919.

We can write 919 as 199, which is ACC, which means that the B digits (3456) are missing. (I explain this system in more detail on the forum.)

Only one the 3 keys for today is a B digit: 4

Guess what?

485 hit New York today!!

This is an excellent way to get a lock on one key digit.

For a full explanation of the terms I am using here (RB3-8, key digits, the ABC system, etc) and to learn my other advanced Pick 3 and Pick 3 strategies, go to my forum . HERE.

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