Positional Dominance (PD)

Positional Dominance (PD) is the best theory I have found to explain straight hits.

PD means that at any point in time there are certain digits that dominate the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd positions in the Pick 3 game.

These digits in tern hit in straight fashion:


The Reference Box is the practical application of this theory.

Let me now share with you a fascinating discovery I have made about PD.

PD is usually followed by Positional Movement (PM).


That means that the most dominant digits in each position (which is what the Reference Box tells you) tend to MOVE to another position after establishing their dominance in P1, P2, or P3.

When they STAY in their dominant position you will see a STRAIGHT hit.

When they MOVE, you will see a BOX this.

They tend to usually move. That is why box hits are more common than straight hits.

So instead of seeing the P1-P2-P3 pattern you would expect, you will see 1 of the 5 possibilities.

You will see










Linear Progression = Mastery

In other parts of this website I talk about mastery and that it is dependent on you having some kind of organizing principle.

That organizing principle is important because you need it to start on the path of linear progression.

PD has become that organizing principle for me. It has set me on the path of linear progression.

And for all practical purposes, linear progression = mastery.

That equation is true because mastery is defined as the practice of constant improvement.

I have increased my understanding of Pick 3 by paying attention to the implications of PD.

I used this understanding to improve the Reference Box.

The Reference Box evolved and then became F14.

I then improved F14 and created F26.

You will read about the Reference Box, F14, and F26 in other parts of this website but I just wanted you to see the BIG picture and show you how all of this evolved from a single organizing principle: the theory of Positional Dominance or PD.