One Day Strategy

ONE Day should be the time frame that you use in playing Pick 3.

Only focus on numbers on a day to day basis.

Playing DUE numbers will put a big hole in your pocket.

Many people lose money every day playing Pick 3 in their pursue of a number that is due and that should be hitting – but does not.

Take my advice; do NOT go after due numbers. Better to just focus on today.

In the past I used to work on a 30 day time frame but quickly dropped it because it got too expensive.

Same thing with a two week or even a 7 day time frame; too expensive playing a list of numbers for such a long period of time.

My theory now is that you should only work on a day to day basis. You should NOT pursue numbers for the long term (except for triples, but even that can be expensive).

If you will notice, the key digits are good for just the two drawings of the following day.

If you hit, great.

If you don’t, you then focus on the keys for the following day.

That is how you have to approach this game. Your focus has to be on just ONE day.

ONE day at a time: You either win or you lose.

That way you will not go broke trying to catch a due number that SHOULD hit, but does not.

Another reason for this is what can be called a learning cycle.

A learning cycle is what you learn when you compare what numbers SHOULD hit based on your system and what ACTUALLY hits. When you compare the two you get critical information on what you should do to improve your system.

When you work on a 30 day basis, for example, your learning cycle takes 30 days.

In other words, you have to wait 30 days to get feedback on how your numbers performed to see how good your system is and what you should do to improve it. This basically means that in an entire year you will only have 12 learning cycles.

If you follow numbers on a 7 day period you will have 4 learning cycles per month and 52 per year.

This learning cycle is very important because it determines the speed at which you learn and improve your systems.

When you work on a day to day basis, however, you will have 30 learning cycles every month and an incredible 365 learning cycles per year!

That is a lot of learning. That is a lot of data. That is a lot of improving.

By comparing the keys you got from last night to what actually hits today you will be a little more knowledgeable tonight after the evening drawing. That means that EVERY single day you learn just a little bit more and can make another small improvement to your system.

These small improvements should not be taken lightly because over the course of a week, month, six months, a can help you create an amazing system. A system that kept getting better and better virtually every day.

Bottom line; work on a day to day basis. Use what you learn every day to improve. Be patient as you continue to improve your system.

And finally; stay positive! As long as you keep improving, thing$$$ can only get better!


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