Mastery of the Game

Pick 3 mastery is the practice of constantly improving your systems.

That is an extremely interesting definition but it’s probably not the definition you were expecting. It probably sounds a little too philosophical or New Age for most people.

The definition that most people were expecting was something like “Pick 3 mastery is hitting most of the time.”

Well, hitting or winning most of the time is actually an EFFECT.

I have just given you the CAUSE of that effect.

Hitting constantly is the byproduct of something else. There is something else you have to do before you win. That something else is always working on improving your systems.

The most important word in that definition is the word PRACTICE because that is something that you DO. It is a behavior. Another reason why I like that word is because practice implies repetition and consistency.

Another reason why I like that word is because the word practice also implies training for something, like an athlete. By constantly improving your systems you are training to WIN at Pick 3.

In other words, mastery is possible - but it is not a static thing. It is not something you achieve one day and then forget about it. It is something that you have to work at EVERY DAY.

Mastery is actually a dynamic process based on DAILY improvement.

That means that maintaining Pick 3 mastery is totally dependent on you always improving your systems.

The day you stop improving is the day that your ability to predict numbers declines.

Let me say that again: The day you stop improving is the day that your ability to predict numbers declines.

It's just like anything else in life; the more you work at it, the better you get at it.

One interesting implication of this definition of Pick 3 mastery is that you can be losing and still be a master. The reason for this is that as long as you keep improving your systems, you are on the path of mastery. As long as you keep moving forward and improving, one day you will get there; you will have a system that helps you win consistently.

Another implication is that a person who hits all the time but does so being totally dependent on luck is NOT a master of the game.

Before you can achieve mastery you have to find a clear organizing principle. If you don’t, you will be lost. Many people fail to adopt a specific approach to the game and instead are just fascinated by finding new and interesting patterns and systems. Every week they have a new system or make a new fascinating discovery about the game. Well, there is no end to this.

To start on the path of mastery a person has to adopt a specific organizing principle.

That is what starts the process of linear progression.

To learn more about the difference between linear progression versus random exploration click here.

An interesting point that all of this brings up is that if one adopts a definite organizing principle and one starts the process of linear progression, it is possible to one day reach a definite end point.

In other words, having a definite approach to the game and making systematic progress along the path determined by that approach can logically lead one to a definite end point or super system in the future.

What is that end point or super system?

That end point is when you can consistently pull in $10,000 a month playing Pick 3.

So what happens when you reach that end point?

Then you move on to Pick 4. The end point here is making $100,000 in a month.

And when you have mastered Pick 4, you then move on to Pick 5. The goal here is making a million dollars.

Studying Pick 4 and coming up with systems to win in Pick 4 can be very profitable but that is something that you should only do AFTER you mastered Pick 3.

So here is the path you have to take to be a master of the game:

(1) Adopt a definite organizing principle.

(2) Start on the path of linear progression.

(3) Keep improving your Pick 3 system until you can consistently make $10K a month playing Pick 3.

(4) Then move on to master Pick 4. The goal here is $100,000 a month.

(5) Then move on to master Pick 5. The goal here is a cool million.

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