The Key Digit Training System

I have created many Pick 3 systems and strategies. You will find many of them on this website. All of these strategies go through cycles where they are hot, then cold, and then hot again. This can be very frustrating because you never know when the hot system that you are currently using will switch on you and go cold.

And sometimes a system can go cold for weeks at a time. That is why I have abandoned many of the systems that I was originally very enthusiastic about.

However, there is one system that has never let me down. This system works consistently and when it goes cold, it will only go cold for just a day or two. On the third day it picks up again and becomes hot.

That is the key digit system.

A key digit is a digit that has a very good chance of hitting in the next two drawings.

I live in New York so naturally I focus on the NY Pick 3 game. I have been posting my predictions for the 2 key digits that are most likely to hit the following day on my forum for a while now.

I post the 2 key digits at night on the forum after the evening drawing for everyone to see. What happens most of the time is that one or both digits will hit the next day. For example, in a night where I post key digits 4 and 8, it’s not surprising for numbers with a 4 (348, 984, 243, 142, 894, etc) or an 8 (895, 083, 581, 328, 785) to hit.

My forum is here:

If you back track and see my predictions on a day to day basis, you will notice that one or both of the 2 key digits I post every night hits the next day almost every time. If not, one or both of them will hit the day after. Many times the two digits I post for NY hit as a pair, so if I post digits 3 and 7, pair 37x will hit. This happens quite frequently.

Actually, let me give you some real life examples of what I am talking about.

Below I will list the key digit predictions I made on 10 consecutive days in June 2012.

I also indicate the page number where that prediction is on on the forum so you can go and verify for yourself. And let me just say this to clarify things: I usually write my key digit predictions at night after the evening drawing and I will write next days date on the prediction. For example, in the night of June 1, I will write “Good for June 2” and then list my 2 keys.

Let’s see how I did….

On June 1 I predicted key digits 5 and 8.

938 hit the next day (page 94)


On June 2 I predicted key digits 1 and 7.

130 hit the next day (page 94)


On June 3 I predicted key digits 7 and 8.

978 hit the next day (page 94)


On June 5 I predicted key digits 4 and 5.

335 and 576 hit the next day (page 96)


On June 6 I predicted key digits 0 and 4.

458 and 505 hit on June 7 (page 96)


On June 8 I predicted key digits 1 and 2.

190 and 253 hit on June 9 (page 97)


On June 9 I predicted key digits 7 and 8.

171 hit on June 10 (page 98)


On June 10 I predicted key digits 4 and 8.

839 hit on June 11 (page 98)


Notice that my keys did not hit on June 4 and 7 but that is fine because that means that I still have an incredible 80% success rate because in 8 out of the 10 days I was right!

80% Success Rate!

What if you could do the same for YOUR state?

What if you learned the exact same strategies I use to make my consistently accurate key digit predictions?

Yes, I know that it’s only one digit - but that gives you an incredible edge. If you know that digits 2 and 8 are bound to hit today in your state, you then know that you should only focus on numbers that have a 2 or 8 and ignore everything else.

Why am I telling you all this?

I recently created my brand NEW 30 Day Key Digit Training System. It is the first part of my monthly Pick 3 coaching program. When you sign up for my coaching program, you will get the Key Digit Training System for FREE.

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