Keep a Journal To Master The Game

You have to keep a journal if you want to master Pick 3. I made that clear to somebody who emailed me a while back with a question. Below is the persons question and the answer I gave.


Hi aanewyork:

You stated in some previous threads that one should look at the box and index and see how they relate. Exactly what kind of relations or correspondences are we looking for? Also, how does the index govern the selections that are made from the box?

For example: Suppose that the index and box contain the same numbers. Does this have a significance?

Same question for 5 out of 6 numbers in the index the same as those in the box, etc.

Thank you.


I have answered this question a few times and the gist of my answer is that YOU HAVE TO KEEP A JOURNAL.

That is the only way to learn how the numbers in the index and RB relate to your state.

For example in NY, 987 just hit straight....which is something I was expecting based on what has happened before. The RB here will be cold for a week or two, and then it will go back to “normal”, meaning that the hits will be of the standard left to right format. In the case of 987, AGJ (left to right straight hit).

But this was not the case in the last two weeks…..the numbers that were hitting were all over the place in the RB.

I know all this because I keep a journal.

But based on what I had seen on my journal I knew it would come back to normal and a AXX, BXX, CXX, or DXX would hit soon and it did today.

Another recent pattern in NY is that RU keeps hitting in NY (pair 97) from the Saturday night index. Again, this is pattern that I am observing in NY and may not be playing out in your state.

You have to compare the two; what your RB and index are showing and what numbers actually hit over a period of time.

One more thing; this is an ART, not a science so you will have to play around with it.

I said this before but I will say it again in regards to keeping a journal:

Within 7 days of keeping a journal you will start to see patterns.

After 30 days of keeping a journal the patterns will jump out at you.

RB letters/locations:





Index letters/locations



The bottom line is this: keep a journal if you are serious about mastering Pick 3.

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