My Pick 3 Journal

Keeping a Pick 3 journal may be the most powerful strategy in this entire website.

You have to understand that most people approach to the game is totally undisciplined. They have no system or method for picking numbers. Their idea of a strategy is a quick pick or playing the license plate number they saw yesterday on their way to work. Or they rely on luck, dreams, and family member’s birthday for picking their numbers.

Most people who play Pick 3 and Pick 4 do NOT have an intelligent system for picking numbers.

When you make the decision to keep a journal you automatically go from being amateur to becoming a serious student of the game. You automatically go from relying on dumb lucking to being an intelligent player.

If you have the self-discipline to keep this habit up for a long 6 months or longer, you put yourself on the path to being a true master of the game.

I will now describe how I keep my journal. Keep in mind that this is my system and if you find something that works better for you, do that.

Lay out an open notebook flat on a table.

You now have a right side and a left side.

The left side or page naturally corresponds to the midday drawing since it came first.

The right side naturally corresponds to the evening drawing since it came second.

I write the result for the midday drawing on TOP of the LEFT page and I write the result for the evening drawing on the TOP of the RIGHT page.

So when reading the notebook from left to right as you flip the pages the sequence you see on top of each page is the exact same sequence that the numbers hit…midday, evening, midday, evening, midday, evening, etc.

A side benefit of this set up is that you will be able to see previous RBs when you flip the upper left hand corners of your notebook. So you will be able to quickly see the RB for yesterday and the day before just by flipping the upper left hand corners.

I write the DATE on the very top upper left hand corner.

Underneath the date I write the RD for that day. The results I use for this RB are the 20 results starting from last night’s drawing. I use ONE RB per day. If you use 2 RB per day (one after each drawing), you would write it on the right page which corresponds to the evening drawing. You would also write the index right next to it.)

***Wether you do 1 or 2 RBs per day is up to you. Remember, this is an ART, not a science so you will have to take into consideration what works best for you. Right now I am telling you what works for me. Feel free to modify it to fit your needs.***

Just to the right of the RB (still on the left page) I write the index…again, starting with LAST night’s drawing and going back 20 drawings. *Email me for an Excel spreadsheet that does that automatically gives you the RB and index after you input the last 20 drawings.

If you are on my coaching program you would write the Code under the RB on the left page. You can also write due pairs or any other indicators you use from other systems. If there is a good software program you use, you can write down the predictions from that program on the page as well. (THAT is why I use one page PER drawing; you will need that space to write all this down – not every day, but some days.)

Knowledge is Power

I also write down my predictions in the middle and bottom of the page (depends on how many I write for that day) and then compare that later with what actually hits.

I write my predictions for the midday drawing on the left page and the predictions for the evening drawing on the right page.

I don't always write down my predictions. I have found out that the most important thing is writing the RB and index for the day; this gives me a fixed reference point from which to evaluate each drawing.

NOTE: What I write down today will many times hit 2 or 3 days later; you will have a similar experience. So don't just think about what you think should hit…WRITE it down. Comparing what you think should hit with what actually hits is what will improve your skill level at picking numbers over time.

The reason why you write all this information down for each drawing is that it gives you a reference point from which to evaluate the number that actually hits. If you do NOT have some kind of reference point from which to evaluate the number that hit, the number that hits will not mean anything to you. You will not learn anything that day.

And that is the point of this journal; to LEARN something from every drawing.

Keep Doing it Every Day

The most important part of this entire process is comparing what you thought would hit with what actually hits.

The learning process comes by comparing the two; you LEARN how the game works in your state when you compare what you THOUGHT should have hit based on the information you have with what ACTUALLY hits. This knowledge is what will make you get good at this.

If you can keep this daily discipline up for 30 days and beyond, your ability to predict numbers will go up 20%, 30% or more.

I know this is extra work and it takes self-discipline....but the last time I checked there is no free lunch in life.

If you want the money you will have to WORK for it.

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