Use Your Intuition

Your intuition will many times be the ultimate decision maker when choosing what numbers to play.

The truth of the matter is that your left logical conscious mind will many times not be able to make sense of all the conflicting information that you are getting from the Reference Box, Game Index, Rundown, and other systems you may be using.

Most of the time the systems you are using will NOT be in agreement on what numbers to play. Most of the time you will be in a situation where one system is telling you to go left while another system is telling you to go right.

One system is telling you that 301 will definitely hit while another system is telling you that 872 will hit.

One system will tell you to play doubles while another system will tell you to play singles.

While all this conflicting information will at first cause confusion, if you are persistent and stay with it, and compare what actually hit with what the systems predicted would hit, you will LEARN from every drawing.

And the more you learn, the better your intuition will become at predicting what ACTUALLY will hit based on what your systems tell you SHOULD hit.

The process I just describe is the basis of what I call the “Intuition Training System” that you must implement if you want to become a Pick 3 Master. This training of your intuition takes place “under the surface” while your conscious mind is busy working out the details of the RB, Index, Rundown or whatever other system you may be using.

The 3 basic component of the Intuition Training System are: Prediction Based on Systems - Actual Result – Learning

The prediction based on a system or system is critical because it gives your mind a fixed reference point. The boundaries and rules of the particular system you are using are the fixed reference points. This provides you with a framework from which to analyze the actual number that hits.

Comparing the prediction of the systems you are using the actual number that hit is what creates learning at the conscious level and the “training” of your intuition at the subconscious level. This cycle of making predictions based on your systems and then learning by comparing what number actually hit with what your systems predicted must be repeated many times over and over again to achieve real mastery of the game.

Those individual who are persistent and willing to persevere will be richly rewarded.

If you commit to this process one day you will have the wonderful experience of looking at the numbers that have hit in the last week or so and predict with certainty, “720 will hit tonight” and sure enough, 720 will indeed hit.

To others this will appear as magic or some kind of miracle. For you it will be the natural byproduct of training your mind and your intuition to SEE and FEEL what number will hit next.