The Index Locations and What They Mean

Understanding the index locations of the Game Index is an important key to winning at Pick 3. Here I want to point out a common misconception about the Game Index.

Take a look at this index:

0 3 7

1 4 9

I want to clarify something.

The 0 and the 1 on the left of the index does NOT mean that a straight number is coming with a 0 or 1 in the first position. Just because a 0 and a 1 are the left hand side does not mean that a 0xx or 1xx will hit.

The 0 and the 1 are there because that is where the low digits go (012).

The 3 and the 4 are where they are because that is where the middle digits go on the index (3456).

And the 7 and 9 are where they are because that is where the high dights go (789).

Actually, most STRAIGHT hits will start from the 7 (location R) based on the data I have gathered so far.

Keep that in mind when evaluating an index.

Two things to keep in mind: The MOST common box hit is RQT (734). And the most common PAIR is RQ (73).



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