HOPE is NOT a Pick 3 Strategy

HOPE is NOT a Pick 3 strategy.

Many people think it is. But it is not.

This actually may come as a surprise to some people because that is really the only “strategy” they use when playing Pick 3.

Hoping to win is just a lazy way to play the game. It is giving up responsibility and wishing that somehow things work in your favor and the numbers go your way.

This is the opposite of mastery, which I have defined as the process of constantly improving your systems. When a person is always working on improving their systems they take an active role in improving their chances of winning.

When a person is just hoping to win, on the other hand, he or she is passive and is dependent on external factors (lucky numbers, the stars, biorhythms, etc.) to win. This is definitely not the way play this game.

I will admit, however, that not everybody has the talent or aptitude to improve or create new and better lottery systems. This is definitely not for everybody.

What I recommend in that case is that a person become a student of the game and learn Pick 3 strategies from other people or resources such as books, ebooks, software programs, lottery websites, lottery publications, etc.

The first place they should start, of course, is right on this website. Just by learning the strategies I teach on this website (the RB, Grid, Game Index, etc) the average player will be ahead of the pack because most people don’t have a system. They are dependent on luck and other questionable factors to get a hit.

By learning different strategies from different sources a person will in time come up with a much better system....at least one that is better than wishing or praying to win.

So a person does not have to be an innovator or a lottery genius to become a master of the game.

A person can start their journey to mastery simply by becoming a student of the game.

That is a much better strategy than just hoping to win.

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