Game Direction

Game direction tells you what kinds of digits are coming up next in the Pick 3 game; low (012) or high (789) digits.

Interestingly enough, game direction is easy to determine when the last number that hit is made up of either all low (012) or high (789) digits.

So numbers like 012, 112, 200, and 222 are all made up from low digits and numbers like 788, 789, 889, and 997 are all made up from high digits.

I have given the low digits the letter A (012).

The middle digits the letter B (3456).

The high digits the letter C (789).

That being said, an ABC number is a Balanced Number. Examples of ABC numbers are 148, 247, 268, and 057.

It is difficult to predict where "the game is going" after an ABC number hits.

However AAA and CCC are unbalanced numbers. It is easier to predict what will come next after they hit since they are at the extreme ends of the same continuum.

AAA is all the way on top and CCC is all the way at the bottom:










After an AAA number you will get high digits (789) hitting soon after.

After a CCC number you will see low digits (012) hitting soon after.

So after seeing numbers like 778, 997, 889, 789, expect to see numbers with the digits 0, 1, or 2 in them soon after.

After seeing numbers like 012, 112, 122, 121, expecct to see numbers with the digits 7, 8, or 9 in them soon after.

This is another way of saying that "what goes up must come down" and "what is down must come up."

Balance must always be maintained.

BBB is also an unbalanced number but its hard to predict if the game will go up (AAA) or down (CCC) after you see a BBB number.