Common Formulas To Win at Pick 4

You can use the common formulas from the Game Index to win at Pick 4.

You can use the 12 day Game Index for this.

Now that you know that, an excellent project would be to identify the most frequent formulas that hit over and over again in Pick 4.

Suggestion: look at the hits in the next TWO weeks and identify those hits that have digits in the Game Index

Examples: PQRU, SQRR, QTUR, PQTU, STRU, etc.

Here you definitely want to do your formulas from left to right and don’t worry about straight hits.

This will make it easier to identify the combinations of digits or letter that hit most frequently in your state.

For example, QRPS, RQPS, QPSR, and RQSP can be represented by just one formula: PSQR.

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