Back Test F14

***You should Back Test F14 Before Playing***

F14 is a powerful system but I think you should back test before jumping in and playing all the numbers it gives you with real money.

I have learned over the years that no matter how good a system looks on paper you should be cautious, back test, and only move forward when you are confident it will work. The only way to get that confidence is by back testing the system at least 3 months.

One of the best ways to back test is to print out the results for the last 3 months of your state. If you don’t have a printer, go to one of those computer places and print out the pages you want. There are some libraries also that give you the option to print out pages free of charge.

But I suggest you do this my way; I first have all the results I want to print out on Excel. I can modify the page however I see fit. I can add columns to the right of each number with a place to put in the formula for each number (see my previous post on the top 4 formulas for NY). Having these formulas in your printout will provide you with very useful information in the future. So you would have your spreadsheet with boxes ready to be filled in with the formulas next to each number.

Ok, now that your pages look the way you want them to (it will be several pages if you will be printing out 3 months), you then email it to yourself as an attachment and assuming you don’t have a printer at home, when you go to the computer place, you log in and then go to your email, open the email you emailed yourself and then print it out.

Now you have a physical copy of the results for the last 3 months.

Now you go to the p34sug website and go to the F14 program and start from the 1st day of the 3rd month. We are now in April so you would start from January 1. You put in the 26 results (which means you will have to go into December) and see if any of the numbers hit on January 2. Also, since the formulas are listed right there, write in the formulas on your page next to the number (this is useful information to have).

Now that you are done with January 1, you move to January 2. All you do is just write in the results from January 2. The program automatically deletes the 27th and 28th entries and only uses the last 26 entries. This is a BIG shortcut; you only have to add the two most recent entries when you move to the next day and the program does the rest.

When you find a straight hit, highlight that number with a marker. If you also want to highlight box hits, use another color for that. So you can use orange for straight hits and a yellow highlighter for box hits.

Once you are done it will be very clear how frequently F14 is working in your state.

The straight hits will jump out at you because now they are clearly highlighted.

What you want to pay attention to is this; what is the longest period of time that F14 goes without hitting? How long does it stay cold for before it hits?

That will give you an important clue as to when to jump in and start playing.

If you do this for your state, feel free to post your results here so everybody can benefit.

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