What is a PATTERN?

A pattern is any relationship between pairs, the RB, or index and the number that actually hits.

For example, pair 97 is in location RU of the Saturday night (3-12) index and it has hit as 497, 973, and 987. THAT is a pattern; it’s in the index and it has hit.

That is what the journal helps you do; it helps you find these connections or relationships between the pairs, RB, and index.

The journal is useful because what you want are the most dominant relationships between digits over time in your particular state.

You will not find these by doing this in your head; you will have to do it on paper. Ideally you want to do this on your Pick 3 journal.

Example; something that you will see in NY quite frequently is DEX and DFX (X = J, K, L, or M). I know that because it has showed up on my journal several times in a period of two months. I don’t know if I would have picked up on this unless I had it written down on my journal.

Lesson; identifying relationships between numbers will make it easier for you to find winning numbers and the best way to find these patterns is by keeping a journal.

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