AAA Pick 3 Secret Revealed!

The AAA secret is my name for a very specific way that the digits “behave” in the Pick 3 game.

To see this secret in action you have to look for two or more AAA numbers hitting back to back. To test what I am about to teach you, you can look back in your states results and look for two or more AAA numbers hitting back to back or close to back to back.

What I am about to teach here presupposes that you already know the ABC system.

To review, in the ABC system we use the letter A to represent the three low digits, B to represent the three middle digits and the letter C to represent the three high digits.

A = 123

B = 456

C = 789

Having said that, 032 and 123 hit NY on October 23, 2011.

In the ABC system we do not track the 0 but for the sake of convenience we can say that the formula for 032 is AAA.

This highlights the fact that no B (456) and no C (789) digits have hit.

This means that you can represent the following numbers as AAA: 001, 000, 301, 200, 310, 003, 230, 110, 100.

The formula for 123 of course is AAA.

The next day on October 24, 002 and 011 hit. We can represent both the 002 and the 011 as AAA as I just mentioned.

So far we are only seeing low digits (0123), so I am now expecting high digits.


Because after several low digits you should expect to see high digits (789) as they play catch up to even out the game.

I am specifically expecting to see a CCC number. (C = 789).

There are 10 numbers that match this code: 777 778 779 788 789 799 888 889 899 999.

By removing the triples, there are only seven box numbers: 778, 779, 788, 789, 799, 889, 899.

So of course a BBB number hits on October 25: 779.

What should come next?

A BBB number should be hitting next for the same reason; they will be playing catch up since they have not hit in a while.

That means that that smart player will be focusing on these seven box numbers for the next few days: 445, 446, 455, 456, 466, 556, 566.

If triples are expected, you would also add 444, 555, and 666 to this list.

In conclusion

After several AAA numbers, expect to see BBB.

After several BBB numbers, expect to see AAA.

After several AAA and BBB numbers, expect to see BBB.

Below are the list of AAA, BBB, and CCC numbers for easy reference. They each have 10 numbers. The list can be reduced to seven numbers by removing the three triples.

The AAA List:

111, 112, 113, 122, 123, 133, 222, 223, 233, 333

The BBB List:

444, 445, 446, 455, 456, 466, 555, 556, 566, 666

The CCC List:

777, 778, 779, 788, 789, 799, 888, 889, 899, 999

The AAA-CCC Polarity

The AAA and CCC polarity may very well be the most reliable prediction tool in the Pick 3 game.

The word “polarity” means opposite so what I mean by the AAA-CCC polarity is that the game swings back and forth between low (0123) and high digits (789). After several low digits, high digits will hit. After several high digits, low digits will hit.

So after seeing several low digit numbers hitting back to back (012, 221, 003, 320, 003), you will see, time and time again, high digits hitting soon after. Ideally: 779, 789, 998, 788. Or numbers with at least one high digit: 753, 870, 992, 127, 835.

An AAA or CCC number is the ideal because it gives you a short list of numbers to play to cover all possibilities, but it does not always happen.

What ALWAYS happens, however, is that at least ONE high digit (789) will hit soon after several low digits hit (0123) and at least ONE low digit will ALWAYS hit soon after several high digits hit.

However, always keep in mind the example I based this article on. I said that after I saw 032, 123, 002, and 011 hitting (all AAA), I knew that a CCC number would hit because I knew that the game was going to swing back to high digits.

So this is kind of an extreme case because you won’t be seeing 4 low digit numbers hitting back to back like this all the time – but 3 or more low digit numbers hitting back to back is the best indicator that a CCC number is coming up. And 3 or more high digit numbers hitting back to back is the best indicator that an AAA number will hit. ALWAYS keep this in mind.

Otherwise, you will not necessarily see a CCC number, it can just be a number with one or two high digits.

But even that little piece of knowledge will help you cut down on the numbers to play. If you know that a 7, 8, or 9 is coming up for example, that tells you to eliminate all the numbers on your list that do not have a 7, 8, or 9.