The 12 Draw Index is Better

Many times the 20 and 12 draw Game Index are exactly the same but it looks like the 12 draw Game Index is better than the 20 draw index for reasons that I will explain now.

For one thing, the 12 draw Game Index is more flexible than the 20 draw index. By this I mean that it tends to change more frequently since it reflects what is happening now as opposed to 15 or 20 draws back. So it changes faster than the 20 draw index.

Also, the 12 draw index will many times generate a hit within the following 4 days. Back test in your state to verify this.

Common formulas I have seen: TRU, UQR, QTR, UQQ, TQR, QQP, RUS, SRT, TPR, STU.

Formulas with common digits can be reduced for box wins OR played 6 ways for STRAIGHT hits.

When reducing formulas move from LEFT to RIGHT.

For example, QTR, QRT, TRQ, and RQT can be reduced to QTR.

And UTS, TSU, and SUT can be reduced to STU.



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